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How it works.

We run six menu items—

the first three menu items are fresh, the last three are frozen.

One dinner is $19.00, very generously portioned for one person and delivered straight to your kitchen fridge (instructions included).

New menus go out every other Sunday (that's every other week). We suggest ordering fresh for the week of delivery and frozen for the following week.  Not only will you have dinner covered for the week, but you can decide how much time you have to make it happen: no cooking to only a reheat, some cooking and clean-up or dinner that's a little more work but nothing you can't handle.

For current and past menus and other stuff, go to our  Facebook Page.

Sign up for menus by filling out the form below.  Once completed you will receive regular menus and updates.  When you choose to place an order, you can send your order here or simply send your order as a reply to any menu email.


Order as many dinners as you would like in any variation: you can try

a mix of everything or just one thing.  Most dinners come portioned family-style,

if you would like split portions, let us know (splits on orders of two or more). You will be sent a confirmation of your order and then a follow-up email to set up a convenient time for your dinner delivery for the following Monday.


Payment for your dinner order can be made at the time of delivery with cash or check (made out to Jen Todd) or through Venmo (@JT-RightAtHome4u)


Gift Certificates are sold by the dinner, please specify how many dinners you would like to gift. To buy gift certificates, order here.



Thanks and enjoy!

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Thank you for signing up! Let's get cooking! Stay tuned for new menus and updates delivered straight to your inbox!

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